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Profession & Jobs

I started as an intern in Citibank Romania, dealing with electronic banking app installations and trainings (in ’97). It was an emerging sector, in a world class organization. However, I felt I was not fit for the specs of that job and decided to step off, after about 1 year.

I applied for a marketing research analyst at Connex, a newly launched mobile operator. It was a Canadian company, with Vodafone shares. Connex was an iconic company in Romania around 2000, something like Google, Apple or Tesla today. Or all in one… The company became full Vodafone branch in 2005.

I had several positions and responsibilities in Connex/Vodafone, during the 10 years spend there (1999-2009): research analyst, segmentation & profiling project manager, Insights and Strategic Analysis Manager. It was a great period, working with great colleagues, huge resources, strong international network with peers across the globe, from UK to Japan, from New Zealand to South Africa…Local and multi-coutry projects, high organizational exposure, in a culture based on empowerment and innovation. I could say I was formed in Connex and Vodafone gave me the global vibes of a truly global business.

Entrepreneurship may be part of my DNA, I guess. Thus, in 2004, I started in parallel a business in the area of sports, my eternal hobby. I developed a venture in retail: HyperSport. It was active 2004-2019, offline and online. It was quite a successful business, which became relatively well known in Bucharest. Aside from retail, we got pretty much into events/BTL, being the organizers of Maratonul Bucegilor (3years, within PadinaFest festival) and co-organizers for Maratonul Olteniei (starting from 2014). More about me and sports in the dedicated page (link)…

In 2009 I decided to start my own boutique consulting agency, so I left Vodafone. I left a large ship for a kayak, right when the global crisis started to spread alarmingly from the US. But I saw this as a potential opportunity. I founded Quantix Marketing Consulting. A couple of my former collegues joined me in this enterprise and we started to provide research services and help our clients in marketing & branding initiatives. Growing a small business is a different sport from the corporate life. It’s more like a guerilla fight. However, we managed to stay in the market and grow. We have built consistent partnerships with some clients, mainly large Romanian companies, and are happy to grow together.

I had a few interesting and useful collaborations soon after being “on my own”: trainer for Integrated Consulting, consultant & editor for SMARK, consultant for Daedalus Millward Brown / Kantar Romania. With Kantar, I have a continuous collaboration from 2011, which is another great opportunity I have to be exposed to the newest global trends in research, to world class knowledge. On top, I work with a great team in a culture I value. I am grateful for this, to all the people I have met here!

In 2014, we have decided to position Quantix as experts in research on sports and healthy lifestyle. We have initiated projects in this area and, placed under Sports Insights umbrella, over the coming years, we have built strong data-based knowledge about sports in Romania. We have run over 30 projects and worked with lots of clients, mainly large corporations interested in this phenomena, either for brand postioning or for CSR or HR programs.

I feel there are still many things to be done in the Romanian market, at different levels. We have our engines up and running, we will continue to seek challenges and enjoy bulding on creative ideas.