Early Stages,  English

Early stages

I came onboard in 1973, in Bucharest. That would be the capital of Romania, a pretty nice country in Eastern Europe 🙂

I have no brothers or sisters, which I guess helped me build strong friendships. Most of my childhood friends are, even today, people I spend vacation with and those buddies I often meet at parties or informal visits.

I learned in a regular school, in Pantelimon, a not so fancy district of Bucharest (many would say, it was quite grey & risky). That helped…I attended high-school at “Mihai Viteazul”, one of the best colleges in the city, setting proper foundations for the next stages in life.

In ’92, I became a student at Business Statistics (in the Academy of Economic Studies – ASE). I graduated in ’97 (no missed year, our regular cycle was a 5-year), with a thesis on Statistical Surveys. In ’98 I was admitted for the Master Degree in Statistics (also in ASE, 1 year) and passed the admission exam for Sociology (University of Bucharest). I graduated Sociology after another 4 years, with a thesis on Communication Theories (I was already working from ’99, in marketing, for the leading Romanian mobile operator, Connex).