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Spreadsheets and intuitions

I capture signs of an emerging trend. A game changer, if I may…
It is definitely not the only one, it’s just the one I picked up for this short writing 🙂

A little bit of context…
Math and the rest of hard sciences were so exact. Most people even today label them as exact. However, we know that about a century ago, perspectives started to shift. We have probabilities, we have uncertainties, at the very core of these sciences. Maybe current school curricula does not properly emphasize these developements, probably being to recent for the pace this system adapts to new realities.

Hard sciences face a stronger counter-balance movement from the spiritual side. Lots of people find their paths in the spiritual realm rather than seeking truths in science books. Spiritual does not imply only “old school” religions, though these are part of the spiritual world of mankind, especially when cleaned from the dirt so many practitioneers and flag carriers may have their cloths covered with.

In management and corporate life, decisions and processes are (were) so formalized, mappable in spreadsheets and formal decision making. Cover your “ass” with some computations, some models and predictive functions in order to get budgets approved and justify what you intend to do. Back up when you fail. Data, data, more data! But recently, more people and opinion leaders talk about intuition, about judgemental approaches.

I limit my contextual exemples to the above areas, though more could be enlisted. I think the time of structured thinking, our necessity to formalize and map all processes we go through will face some challenges. We, humans, will be discovered for more than the algorithms and procedures we can create. We are about to (re)discover there’s some kind of soul inside us. We may reconsider our imagination, learn more to live and love, feel free to guess, play and innovate. It will be less about “robust” data. Of course data will continue to exist and be a strong driver in whatever we do, however, it will no longer be a dictatorship. We will have a more balanced life.
I think. I guess. I hope…

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